About The Company

Zigoti Coffee Works Limited ( ZICOFE ) is a Ugandan coffee processing company that was amongst the pioneer local coffee processors to build its own primary processing plant 

Founded in 1984, Zigoti Coffee Works Limited has its offices and main headquarters on plot 104/1 05 5th Street  Industrial Area. 

Founded mainly as a family run business, ZICOFE is deep in the coffee business in the form of purchasing, processing, roasting and exporting the coffee across the world mainly Europe, America, Asia ETC

In 2006 ZICOFE started a farmer based strategy coordinating plus starting up farmer cooperatives to ably create a supply chain of high-quality coffees.

This is through proper control of primary processing, pre, and post-harvest methods to reduce the level of production loss which culminated in the Japanese Agricultural Standard certificate with some of the farmer groups in the Elgon region.

This made it possible for the export of organic certified coffees to Japan such as Natural Robusta sc1800,sc1500,sc1200, sc1199, black beans,  Natural Arabica (drugar) Washed Arabica AA,AB

We can handle exports of  up to 10 containers a month. Our machine capacity is 4tonnes per hour which produces green beans products packed in 60kg gunny bags

We mainly supply products such as natural Robusta sc1800  natural Robusta sc1500 natural Robusta sc1200 natural Robusta sc1199 natural Robusta black beans Natural Arabica (drugar) Washed Arabica AA Washed Arabica AB ‎Roasted beans products  in 1kg& 500gms , roasts: dark, medium & light  Grinds:  ‎250gms 100gms 500gms

Zicofe Community

We continually strive to develop collaborative and sustainable partnerships with various people at Zigoti.

We work with farmers helping educate them about new efficient ways of coffee growing from use of better more condition resistant seedlings to more effective pesticide use i.e on Zigoti coffee day where we gave farmers improved coffee seedlings etc.

Coffee Expo's

At ZICOFE often attend various coffee expo’s around the world  alongside various venders from the world over where we showcase our various products .